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Security, Data Center, & Customer Support Information Updated 3-1-2012 Distributed Website Corporation, dba rSchoolToday, is an 18 year old Minnesota-based company that provides hosted Web-based software applications for K-12 schools in the “software as a service” model. rSchoolToday currently serves over 3,000 schools nationwide with 9 different Web-based software programs. Each program was built specifically for K-12. rSchoolToday has delivered 99.92% up-time over the last 12 years across all rSchoolToday programs and currently serves several hundred million page views annually. rSchoolToday takes care of all aspects of hosting, security, data back-up and maintenance of all rSchoolToday applications. rSchoolToday is PCI-DSS compliant via Comodo Security, and undergoes quarterly security audits to ensure that any credit card transactions or personal information is handled with the highest level of security. rSchoolToday owns all of its hardware and software and co-locates equipment at two different Tier 1, telco-grade data Centers; Colo4 in Dallas, TX, and Optic Fusion in Tacoma, WA. Hosting Hardware and Software rSchoolToday/DWC maintains over 100 professional-grade servers, in server clusters with loadbalancing. All servers run Apache Web servers on the Linux Red Hat, Free BSD, and Debian operating systems. Apache supports secure data transmission using RSA 1024-bit encryption through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) using Go Daddy as our Security Certificate partner. All servers are protected by Cisco ASA router/firewalls and an Intrusion Detection Systems. Data Back-up rSchoolToday uses a dual back-up system, including Hewlett Packard DLT8000 Autoloader System, and direct to hard-disk back-up at an off-site-location. We perform nightly incremental back-ups and weekly full back-ups. Each data center provides back-up for the other. Fiber Connections rSchoolToday Servers are directly connected to a self-healing network of redundant fiber optic bandwidth from multiple Tier 1 fiber providers on a true BGP with intelligent routing. This connection is a dedicated 100Mpbs connection instantly burst-able and sustainable to any level needed with zero down time. Data Center Specs (Colo4 used here for example)  Power Systems - 2400 amps DC at -48 volt Lorain plant  120 VAC and -48VDC available  Dual Power Grid (2 separate AC sources)  Four diesel generator backup with auto start and auto transfer switch  Spare 3.75MW transformer on site Distributed Website Corporation 355 W. 4th St, Winona, MN 55987 952-960-4999  Generator capacity equal to building utility service  Fuel capacity exceeds 24 hours  Liebert UPS System with AC and DC inputs  Battery backup to always exceed 4 hours Environmental Controls (Colo4 used here for example)  Constant ambient air temperature of 72° (+ of - 2°)  30 Liebert 22-30 ton downflow units for air and Humidity control and Under-floor cooling Security and Access (Colo4 used here for example)  24x7 on-site security personnel and technicians  Multiple layers of security & authentication; including card key, PIN, & biometric required for facility entrance  Access to equipment area 24x7 via card key and key pads & Physical ID check  Constant management of all environmental systems (power, HVAC, fire, security and IDS)  Full CCTV surveillance backed by digital recording on file for 90 days  Motion detection for lighting Fire Suppression Systems (Colo4 used here for example)  Pre-action sprinkler rated for Telco equipment/computer room  Integrated smoke/heat detector system PCI-DSS Compliance Many of the rSchoolToday programs offer secure credit card payments. rSchoolToday maintains PCI-DSS compliance for all of its servers. PCI-DSS is one of the top federal standards for ensuring and protecting personal credit card holder information on our servers. Our PCI-DSS is secured through Comodo and rSchoolToday undergoes quarterly security audits to maintain this standard.