The Athletic Department will communicate updates through MHS Daily Bulletin,

Morning Announcements (While School is in Session) our Coaches, and your child's Canvas page.


Click here for Blue Card Process/Instructions Video.


  • Athletic Registration is required for Each Athletic Season. 
  • Please register your child for only ONE sport.
  • Please make sure your child's impact test has been taken is within the last two years.  Impact Test 

Registration Always Requires 

  1. Medical Clearance (Part 1)   Parents/Athletes, Please Read ALL Medical Information Carefully Before Going to Part 2. Even if you already turned in medical paperwork for another sport (read below)

  2. Online Athletic Registration (Part 2) this includes making sure the Impact test has been updated within the last two years. 


Part 1

Medical Clearance 

Please direct any questions regarding the Health/Medical forms directly to our school nurses at 973-292-2000 ext. 2125 

Please note (Part 1) initiates the athlete’s name on the blue card spreadsheet. If Part 1 is NOT completed the athlete’s name  WILL NOT appear on the blue card/approval spreadsheet.  

Each season requires a medical clearance, so if your physical is within one year please complete Health Form #3  "Health History Update Questionnaire" along with Opioid Sign Off Sheet form.

Medical forms CAN NOT be mailed. These forms must be dropped off in our Main office.  These forms CAN NOT be dropped off in the Athletic Office or with Security Officer/desk.

If your child is already scheduled for a physical with their doctor, please proceed with your appointment. 

If you want to schedule your sport physical appointment with our doctors, please contact Atlantic Health at 973-971-6290 directly. They are located at 111 Madison Ave. Suite 408 Morristown, NJ


Health Forms You must submit one of the following forms to the Nurses office.

  1. Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation / History & Clearance Form Must be completed by a physician (Good for one year)

  2. Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation / History & Clearance Form (Spanish Version) Must be completed by a physician (Good for one year)

  3. Health History Update Questionnaire Form: Please submit this form (Along with the Opioid Form) if the physical exam is less than one year from the starting date of the sport. The Physical must have been approved by our school doctor. Please make sure this form is signed and dated with the date of the physical exam.

Action Plans: If your son or daughter has ever been diagnosed with any of the following medical conditions, please have the examing physician complete the forms and make sure you attach to your physical paperwork: 

Opioid Fact Sheet: Please read and keep the fact sheet for your records

Please complete Opioid sign off: Return this sign off sheet along with your Health PPE Forms OR your Health History Update Questionnaire Form

Contact Information Form for the Health Office:  Contact info Form- Please complete this parent and student contact form our Health office.


Please Note: *The Athletic Registration is not complete without medical clearance* 


Part 2 

Athletic Registration

Direct Any Questions to Athletic Office for the registration portion.

The athletic registration needs to be completed by a parent/guardian AND student together.

Please complete only asterisk (*) sections.  


Returning Users: 

  • Please DO NOT CREATE another account. 

  • The system WILL NOT accept duplicate accounts. 

  • You must go back as a returning user. 

  • The electronic registration keeps your information recorded for later seasons.  

  • Please log back into your account as a "returning user-login here" and click on the Register tab,

  • Click on your child's name and then select the sport and click submit (SELECT ONLY ONE SPORT PER SEASON)

  • Once your registration is complete you will receive a confirmation


New Users:  FIRST TIME sign in as a New User. 

  • Please log in as a "new user-create an account" and complete the form.  

  • Please make sure at the end of the process you create a username and password this is the final step in the registration.  If the final step is missed your registration will not be processed.

  • Once your registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation.


All athletes should check their Athletic Approval Process in the Blue Card module. Please look for the “Blue Card Spreadsheet” on your class page in Canvas. 

New students that do not have access to Canvas can check-in directly with the Head Coach. 



Now click on the icon below to register for our High School Sport.





1-800-513-5220 (7:00 AM - 7:00 PM central time)


If you have questions or need assistance with the registration, please address it to:

Rose Piccolo - Administrative Assistant
Phone Number: 973-292-2022