Athletic Trainers / Forms

Danielle Cigol, MS, ATC:

Dave Nicholson, MS, ATC:

Athletic Training Room Office Phone: 973-292-2000 Ext. 2159  Fax: 973-451-0304


Any student-athlete that has been evaluated by a doctor for ANY injury or illness must have the Morristown HS  “Participation Status Form” (link below) completed by his or her doctor.

If a student is injured, at School or at Home, they must have this form completed by the doctor for EVERY visit, even if they have not missed a game or practice.

Please have your injured/ill student-athletes see the trainers with their paperwork ASAP. This will expedite their rehab/treatments and their return to play.

Thank you for your cooperation with this important matter.

Participation Status Form  This form must be completed by the Student/Parent AND  the attending doctor for every doctor’s visit and/or hospital visit.   It must be  returned to the Athletic Trainers and the Health Office PRIOR  to further activity participation.
Concussion Protocol   It is the policy of the Morristown High School Sports Medicine team to take all necessary precautions when dealing with head injuries. This is our medical plan of care.
Graduated Return to Play This is the procedure used to make sure student-athletes are prepared to return to activity after a concussion.
Concussion Release Clearance This form must be filled out by student-athlete's Doctor and returned to our Athletic Trainer.